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Department of Health & Social Services

Approval Policy

Travel approvals shall be made in accordance with AAM 60.040 and department standing delegations. All travel requires a pre-approved Travel Authorization (TA), either signed or approved by email.

Approval Policy for Changes to Purchased Itineraries

Purchased itineraries can be changed as long as travel meets business needs and is in accordance with AAM 60.050 and AAM 60.080.

Exceptions to Approval Policy


Travelers Pre-Approved to Book Their Own Non-Emergency Travel


Emergency After-Hours and Weekend Approvals

Employee must obtain verbal approval for type of travel and follow-up with written approval upon return.

All department employees with a travel profile may call the Travel Management Company to book emergency travel. Out-of-state and out-of-country travel cannot be booked.

Unique or Unusual Types of Travel


Types of Tickets Authorized to Purchase

Refundable - Yes
Non-Refundable - Yes
Net Specials (use or lose type tickets) - No

Travel Advance Policy

Travel advances will be issued in accordance with AAM 60.070. Cash advances are allowed on a traveler's One Card. In the absence of a One Card, 80% of estimated per diem may be requested.

In-State Hotel Policy

Lodging shall be procured in accordance with AAM 60.240. Hotel purchases are to be charged to a traveler's One Card. If the traveler does not have a One Card, hotel charges are to be charged to the SUPERCTS, direct billed, or paid personally by traveler and reimbursed. Direct bills must be pre-arranged with the hotel prior to travel.

EasyBiz Policy

Not applicable.