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Department of Fish & Game

Approval Policy

Travel approval is in accordance with AAM 60.040. Division Directors need approval for in-state travel from DFG Travel-Go.

Approval Policy for Changes to Purchased Itineraries

Purchased itineraries can be changed at the discretion of the traveler as long as the travel meets business needs and is in accordance with AAM 60.050.

Exceptions to Approval Policy


Travelers Pre-Approved to Book Their Own Non-Emergency Travel

All profiled travelers may save research in E-Travel Online for non-emergency travel. The travel desk handles all changes to non-emergency bookings.

Emergency After-Hours and Weekend Approvals

Employee has received verbal approval for type of travel and will follow-up with written approval upon return.

All department employees who have a traveler profile may call the travel management contractor to book emergency travel including emergency travel during normal business hours. Out-of-state and out-of-country travel cannot be booked.

Unique or Unusual Types of Travel

  • For divisional meetings, Board meetings, advisory panel meetings: blocks of rooms are obtained at a reduced cost when arranging meeting room space and catering services.
  • Field travel to remote locations requiring field camp and bunkhouse lodging.
  • Field travel: employee does not know return date or needs to change date while in field.
  • Travel by department boats, snowmobiles, and personal cars to locations.
  • Travel by State or personal vehicle and return by plane. May not know until out in field that return needs to be done by plane.
  • Travel by State or personal vehicle and does not know where they will be spending the night.

Types of Tickets Authorized to Purchase

Refundable - Yes
Non-Refundable - Yes
Net Specials (use or lose type tickets) - No, but allow Web Specials to be purchased if employee has authorized it.

Travel Advance Policy

Employees with One Card cash advance capabilities are responsible for monitoring their own need for advances. For those travelers who do not have a One Card, they can request a travel advance in accordance with AAM 60.070.

In-State Hotel Policy

Hotel reservations are made based on traveler preference as long as accommodations are reasonable. Lodging is procured in accordance with AAM 60.240.

EasyBiz Policy

Not applicable.