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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

For Period of July 1 - September 30, 2011 (Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2012)

Category: Policy

Note: Comments are unedited with the exception of the removal of names.

Service Standards

Survey Comments / Feedback / Suggestions

We wait up to two hours to get the final itenerary. That is way to long, especially for next day travel.

ETMT and USTravel Responses

The standard is for USTravel to provide the itinerary within 2 hours of the request. If it is an emergency, you can ask the booking agent if it is possible to have it completed sooner. See the Service Information and Standards on the travel website for standard turn around times.

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Travel Arrangements

Survey Comments / Feedback / Suggestions

When traveling more than 8 hours it would be better to get a more direct flight than to save a few dollars by sending employees all over the country. It is afterall, on our own time that we travel.

ETMT and USTravel Responses

If you feel that your itinerary is unsatisfactory, please check with your department travel coordinator for department policy or review the travel polices in the AAM 60 [PDF].

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