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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

For Period of July 1 - September 30, 2011 (Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2012)

Category: E-Travel Training


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Survey Comments / Feedback / Suggestions

I am new to the position, and having more time to actually use the website between intro training and advanced would have made it more beneficial.

I feel it is too early for me to even begin to adress this, as I have not even played in the tool by myself yet.

I am 2 months new and have not used this system. The training guide is very detailed and user friendly. I would change nothing at this time.

ETMT and USTravel Responses

Thank you for your feedback. Please feel free to take the training as often as you would like. Advanced training should be attended only after you feel comfortable using the tool and have experienced 4-6 months of continued use.

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Survey Comments / Feedback / Suggestions

It would be helpful to be able to type questions from e-mail or other means so that the instructor can look at it and answer at an appropriate time.

It took 2-1/2 hours, and went by very slowly. I think the information could have been effectively covered in 45 minutes or less, with plenty of time to spare for Q&A.

This webinar was too much information to absorb in one sitting, especially without the hands-on component. It's not possible to assimilate that much information at the speed at which it was delivered. I would suggest having the training sessions be shorter and cover less material each time. As a first time Law Office Assistant without a strong computer background, I need training at the very basic level. This training gave me a good introduction, but I don't feel like I can navigate the system yet.

As with any online system, there is a lot to know. I've always found that hands on practice is the best way to learn. I wish I would have been able to follow along with her in my own account as she was doing the different activities. However, my department will not authorize access until the Intro course is completed. I still am not authorized as of 10/6/2011.

It would have been nice to have a more interactive experience, perhaps a quiz at the end of the instruction portion, or a hands on test-run of the program.

I've said this before but I'll say it again: during the online training, don't always use Anchorage as the starting point for travel. Juneau IS the capital city and everything seems very Anchorage-oriented.

when doing the training seminars, do not always show bookings from Anchorage to another destination. I realize state workers come from all over Alaska, but with Juneau being the capital city, it would be nice to not always have Anchorage be the default city.

ETMT and USTravel Responses

There is a "question" or "chat" box that can be used for questions and the trainer will respond. There are also several question and answer opportunities offered during training. We realize that some may find the class to be too fast or too slow, but there is a lot to cover and different levels of learning among the attendees, so we try to keep the pace at a medium level. The training class may be attended as often as necessary to reach your comfort level.

Hands-on training is a good suggestion and will be taken under consideration, but it would probably have to be limited to certain locations.

It is a good approach for the department to hold back access to the booking tool until the user has completed the training. Users need to be aware of the state policy customization within the booking tool before using it effectively.

The suggestion to not always use Anchorage as the main starting point will be taken into consideration.

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