State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations


The Information Technology Section of the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations is responsible for providing the Division with tools and resources to manage their information and services more efficiently.

The goal of the Information Technology Section has always been to provide systems that empower the Division’s customers to help themselves. So, when our customers need certain information they no longer need to wait for us to gather it for them. This self-service approach has led to the development of LearnAlaska and the Online Position Description and has provided the Division the ability to focus more time on other tasks, and as a result has increased efficiency and the level of service the Division provides.

Be sure to look at the projects page for more information on projects under development.

LearnAlaska is the registration system for the training courses provided by the Division of Personnel. This system provides the ability for students and supervisors to register for classes, view their transcripts, and more. Go to the Training and Development Section’s page for some of the classes offered.

Online Position Description
Nicknamed OPD, this system is used to request modifications to position descriptions. This system provides various reports and tools to the departments to manage and track their requests. Go to the Classification Section’s page for more information on OPD.