State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations


The Training & Development T&D staff provides professional supervisory, management, leadership, EEO compliance, and interpersonal skills training development and delivery. Courses are offered on an open-enrollment (scheduled), special session (request), and customized basis. T&D staff is also available for training and performance development consultation.

Tuition and Fees

Students of Division of Personnel (DOP) courses and renters of DOP facilities who are Executive Branch employees of organizations covered under the DOP Cost Allocation Plan (CAP) are not required to pay fees for training and rentals. The CAP identifies, accumulates and distributes allowable direct and indirect costs under grants and contracts, and identifies the allocation methods used for distributing costs.

Most Executive Branch Departmental employees are covered under the DOP CAP, however there are exceptions. Examples of those that are not covered under the CAP are: employees of the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, the Court System, Legislative Affairs, Offices of the Governor and Lt. Governor, University of Alaska and federal employees who supervise DMVA staff.

If you are enrolling in a DOP class as a student or are reserving a DOP training room and/or computer lab and are not a CAP covered employee, you are required to pay for the service.

Computer and training lab fees are identified on the appropriate rental agreement:

Computer Labs Information | Training Rooms Information

Student Fees (Non DOP CAP students only, see explanation above):
  • 1 full day training class: $150.00 per student, per day
  • Half day training (4 hrs. or under): $75.00 per student

By signing a DOP training room and/or computer lab rental agreement or enrolling in or approving enrollment in a DOP training class, you acknowledge that you are responsible for fees if you and/or your agency are not covered under the DOP CAP.