State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Department Human Resource Services

Effective November 7, 2011 the Division of Personnel began to transition Human Resource (HR) staff back to each Department. HR Services and recruitment functions are now located in each agency as of the end of April 2012. Please take notice that your Departmental HR staff contact may have changed.

Your Departmental HR Services function provides professional & labor relations human resource services to managers and supervisors in the areas of management consulting.

Your Departmental HR staff is the first point of contact for supervisors and managers who are dealing with or confronting personnel or employee relations issues. Departmental HR staff coach supervisors and managers through the various personnel and employee relations processes.

Your Departmental HR staff should be contacted for information and assistance concerning the following types of personnel and employee relations issues:

  • Employee performance management
    • Development of work rules
    • Development of performance expectations
    • Performance appraisal review
    • Correcting poor performance
    • Investigation of employee misconduct
    • Employee discipline
  • Organizational development and reorganization
  • Positions
    • Description assistance
    • Classification study request assistance
  • Union contract administration
    • Field representation with labor representatives
    • Labor contract modifications (Letters of Agreement)
    • Labor contract interpretation
    • Union complaint and grievance processing and tracking
    • Grievance resolutions
  • Investigations and conflict resolution
    • Employee complaints
    • Performance appraisal appeals
    • Harassment and discrimination complaints
    • Human right complaints
    • Ethics Act violations
    • Arbitration or litigation support
  • Any general human resources question you may have, such as
    • Layoffs
    • Recalls
    • Drug testing issues
    • ADA accommodations requests
    • Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Alaska Family Medical Leave Act (AFLA)

Departmental HR staff may respond to a service request in a number of ways. The first option is coach the supervisor through the issue at hand. When the supervisor is relatively inexperienced or for some other reason is unable to perform the tasks necessary, the second option is to provide direct service. With direct service the departmental HR staff may use the issue as an opportunity to teach about the process.

When the issue is the responsibility of another section a third option is to establish contact between the supervisor and the appropriate unit.

When issues are referred to another section the departmental HR staff remains a resource to guide the supervisor and help him or her access the service needed. Some issues require direct service from the departmental HR staff member, in which case the staff keeps the supervisor or manager informed of progress and outcomes.

Departmental Recruitment Services

Your departmental recruitment staff function provides assistance to hiring managers in recruiting and selecting qualified individuals. These recruitment functions include:

  • Recruitment processes and hiring approvals
  • Advance step placement approval
  • Recruitment and screening for positions specific to some departmental recruitments and regulations, such as, the Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) regulations.
    • The departmental recruitment unit coordinates these special recruitments from pre-hire through the probationary period to successful certification by the APSC. This recruitment and screening process applies to Correctional Officers, Adult Probation Officers, Airport Police and Fire Officers, Regional Public Safety Officers, Airport Screeners and State Troopers.