State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel and Labor Relations

Travel Time

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The Division of Personnel's Standard Operating Procedure, Travel as Time Worked, sets the policy for compensating overtime eligible employees in travel status. Overtime eligible employees must be paid in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), except where a collective bargaining agreement provides a greater benefit. According to the FLSA, only certain travel time is compensable.

Overtime eligible employees are required to complete the Travel Questionnaire form to report all time spent traveling. This documentation is used to ensure that an employee is accurately compensated; HR Payroll will make the determination, in accordance with the State's policy and bargaining contracts, as to what time is compensable.

What is “Travel Status”?

Defined by the Administrative Manual, the time a trip begins to the time you return to your duty station.

The FLSA definition of travel is independent of the definition of “travel” or “travel status” as it relates to per diem, meal allowances, or employer liability for workers' compensation purposes.

What is “Compensable Travel Time”?

Certain time spent traveling when in travel status, as defined by the FLSA. HR Payroll will make the determination as to what time is compensable, based on the documentation provided on the Travel Questionnaire form.

Who should submit a travel questionnaire?

All overtime eligible employees who are in travel status must complete a Travel Questionnaire to document all time spent traveling. The Travel Questionnaire is signed by both the employee and supervisor and is submitted as a supplement to the employee's timesheet.

Exceptions - employees covered by the Public Safety Employees Association (PSEA) contract, marine employees and correctional officer prisoner transport.

Where do I find the Travel Questionnaire form?

The Travel Questionnaire is posted on the Division of Personnel, HR forms list.

How do I complete my timesheet?

Time spent traveling (and working during travel status) during normal work hours should be reported on the timesheet as regular hours worked (i.e. M- F, 0800 to 1630), as well as on the Travel Questionnaire. Any time spent traveling outside the normal work hours are reported only on the Travel Questionnaire, and are not included on the timesheet. HR Payroll will make the determination as to compensable time outside regular hours.

As only travel during the normal work schedule should be documented as time worked on the timesheet, a Travel Questionnaire must be completed in order to identify any other compensable travel time. If you are unsure if you must complete a Travel Questionnaire, contact your HR Service Center.

Links are provided below to resources for additional information regarding travel. If you have questions please contact your HR Service Center office for assistance.


Links are provided below to resources for additional information regarding travel.