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Retiree Insurance Information Booklet

2014 Plan Amendment

2003 Booklet

Draft Retiree Insurance Booklet

AlaskaCare Draft Retiree Booklet Adoption Postponed

At this time, the Division has determined the above draft booklet will not be implemented in 2014. The retiree health plan will continue to operate under the 2003 booklet as amended January 1, 2014. The above draft booklet or any future re-written plan booklet will not be adopted without notice and additional opportunity for comment.

Comments on the draft retiree health plan document will continue to be taken through April 30, 2014. Comments can be submitted in writing or through email to the addresses below. The Division will hold meetings in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau to answer retiree questions regarding the transition of the retiree health plan administration to Aetna and Moda/Delta Dental of Alaska and to hear comments on the draft retiree health plan document. Meeting schedule…



  • State of Alaska
  • Division of Retirement and Benefits
  • Attn: Michele Michaud
  • P.O. Box 110203
  • Juneau, AK 99811-0203

Analysis Comparison

In response to the analysis of the draft retiree plan document prepared by the Retired Public Employees of Alaska (RPEA), the Department of Administration has released a side-by-side comparison, prepared by the Department of Law. This comparison details the differences between RPEA's analysis and the language of the draft plan booklet.

As a reminder, Aetna and Moda have not been using the draft retiree plan document to administer the processing of claims. The 2003 Retiree Insurance Information Booklet as amended January 2014 is currently the legal plan document for the retiree medical and retiree dental plans.

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