Defined Benefit Retiree Insurance Information Booklets

We have heard you!

You said…

  • The Plan Booklet should be easy to read and understand
  • Retirees should not have to look in more than one place to find what the plan covers
  • The draft should be user-friendly, so any changes are clear

We agree. That’s why we are updating the Plan Booklet. Two versions of this draft document are available below. In one, the edits are clearly marked. The second has the markups removed for easier reading.

Based on your feedback, this draft…

  • Moves prior amendments into the body of the Retiree Insurance Information Booklet to make it easier to read—no more flipping to the front of the book!
  • Incorporates formal benefit clarifications
  • Adds regulations into the eligibility section
  • Numbers the sections for ease of reference

This draft is NOT adding, removing, or changing plan benefits.

We want to know what you think! Your feedback is important to us. The draft booklet is available now for review and public comment through August 15, 2018. Please submit comments regarding the draft document by email to:

2018 Defined Benefit Plan Booklet (DRAFT)
2003 Defined Benefit Plan (with 2018 Plan Amendment)
2003 Defined Benefit Plan (with 2016 Plan Amendment)
2018 Plan Amendment
2016 Plan Amendment
2014 Plan Amendment
Benefit Clarifications

Long-Term Care Booklets


For Insurance Information Booklet on the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan click here.

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