PERS/TRS Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

The PERS/TRS Defined Contribution Retirement (DCR) Plan applies to employees entering service after June 30, 2006.

Retirement-reform legislation (Senate Bill 141), passed by the legislature during the 2005 Special Session, created the Alaska PERS/TRS DCR Plan, adding a Tier III to the TRS and a Tier IV to the PERS.

The DCR Plan is governed by Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. A portion of your wages and a matching employer contribution are made to this Plan before tax. These contributions plus any change in value (interest, gains and losses), and minus any Plan administrative fees or other charges, are payable to you or your beneficiary at a future date. The PERS/TRS DCR Plan is a participant-directed plan with investment options offered by the Plan. The providers of these investment options were selected by the Alaska Retirement Management (ARM) Board.

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