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Retirement Planning Guide

Save Today for the Retirement of Your Dreams

Your retirement may hold a great deal of promise: travel, vacations, family and the time to pursue your dreams. And to reach these goals, you must prepare by planning your finances now.

The Alaska Public Employees’ Retirement System Tier IV and Teachers’ Retirement System Tier III Defined Contribution Retirement (PERS/TRS DCR) Plan provides the ability to help you build significant tax-deferred savings and expand your opportunities available upon retirement or severance of employment. Working with other retirement income sources you may have, such as your personal savings and Social Security benefits, the PERS/TRS DCR Plan can help you build a more secure retirement.

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Tax-deferred savings

By saving before tax, your contributions can grow without being reduced by current federal taxes. You will have more money to save at the end of each pay period than if you were saving the same amount with after-tax dollars.

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Easy, automatic payroll deductions

The mandatory contributions that you make to the PERS/TRS DCR Plan are automatically deducted from each paycheck. You’ll be investing on a regular basis and following a great savings principle: Pay yourself first!

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Investment Choice

The PERS/TRS DCR Plan offers a diverse array of investment options. Please refer to the Investment Options included in this packet for descriptions of your choices.

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Convenient Account Management

The Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits Website at provides detailed program and account information, and the Account Information Online link allows you the flexibility to make changes online. You can also manage your account by calling KeyTalk® at (800) 232-0859. More information on these services can be found on page 8 of this Retirement Planning Guide and in the PERS/TRS DCR General Plan Information sheet included in this packet.

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Reality Investing

As a participant in the PERS/TRS DCR Plan, you now have access to three levels of investment advisory services called Reality Investing. Reality Investing offers you the ability to select a retirement planning strategy based on your comfort level with investing. To start out, you are automatically enrolled in the Plan’s Managed Account service. Read more about Reality Investing on page 6 of the guide.

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More Tools

In addition to this Retirement Planning Guide, the following tools can help you prepare for your retirement and choose an investment strategy and investments that can help you reach your financial goals:

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