General Employer Information

For New PERS/TRS DCR Plan Employees

  1. Plan Recordkeeper. The plan recordkeeper is Empower Retirement Services. Contributions reported to the Division for PERS/TRS DCR Plan employees are transferred to Empower Retirement for investment. Empower Retirement provides customer service lines to answer participant questions regarding their accounts.
  2. Default Investment. New employees are defaulted into an age based target fund unless other investment options are elected.
  3. Plan Financial Advice Services. The Plan offers financial advice services through Empower Retirement's wholly own subsidiary, Advised Assets Group, LLC. (AAG). AAG offers a suite of investment services called "Reality Investing." Reality Investing is comprised of three features:
    Managed Account (Do-It-For-Me Investor)
    The Managed Account option is the ideal solution for participants who are more reluctant or busy investors who lack the time or interest to manage their own account and prefer to have a qualified financial expert select and manage the funds for them. This service provides on-going professional asset management at a personalized level. Participants will receive a personalized and strategically designed retirement portfolio that is automatically managed quarter-to-quarter and reflects their unique timeframe, personal retirement information, and household financial picture. They will be charged a quarterly fee that will equal 50 basis points or 0.5% of their total assets annually.
    Online Investment Advice (Help-Me-Do-It Investor)
    This service provides participants with a personalized and professional investment rate and fund-specific recommendations regarding the specific funds available in the plan. The recommendations are tailored to reflect their personal financial situation including outside defined contribution assets and any Social Security benefits they may be entitled to. The service presents personalized recommendations and creates a personal wealth forecast and recommended portfolio. The cost is $25 per year.
    Online Investment Guidance (Do-It-Myself Investor)
    This option is free of charge to all participants and provides a personalized asset allocation and investment rate recommendation that reflect their unique financial information, retirement timeframe, goals and financial situation. Using this information, they can build their portfolio with the investment options available in the plan. Participants will work directly with Empower Retirement and AAG through either the web site or by a toll-free number. (See attached contact information). New participants will receive contact information in their Welcome Kit.
  4. The Importance of New Employee Seminars. Employers should require new employees and existing employees who have converted to the new plans to attend an Introduction to the PERS/TRS DCR Plan seminar when they are available in your area. Seminars will be given during work time and employees should be allowed work-release time to attend. Employees bear the responsibility for the quality of their future retirement and need to know the options, provisions and educational opportunities available for them to be successful in managing their retirement funds. Introductory seminars will be conducted by field counselors and will be scheduled in field areas beginning in September. For employers in remote areas, the seminar will also be available on our Web site.