DCR Plan FY 08 Contribution Rates

Previous years' rates

DCR Plan (PERS Tier IV/TRS Tier III) - FY 2008 Contribution Rates
*P = Peace officers/firefighters
*A = All others
Employer Contribution 5.00% 5.00% 7.00%
Retiree Medical 0.99% 0.99% 0.99%
Occupational Death & Disability 1.33% 0.58% 0.62%
DCR Required Rate + HRA = DCR Plan TOTAL contribution obligation) 7.32% + HRA** 6.57% + HRA** 8.61% + HRA**
Defined Benefit Unfunded Liability (DBUL) *** *** ***
Employer Effective Contribution Rate TOTALS See Column 2 of the FY08 PERS Employer Rates [PDF] See Column 2 of the FY08 PERS Employer Rates [PDF] 12.56%

*** The Defined Benefit Unfunded Liability (DBUL) amount levied against the DCR Plan payroll is equal to the employer effective rate minus the DCR Plan total employer contributions.

** Per AS 39.30.370, a rate of 3.00% is applied to the employer's average annual compensation.  The contribution amount is then converted to a per pay period, per employee contribution amount. Contributions to the employee's HRA account are required for every pay period in which the employee is enrolled in the DCR Plan, regardless of the compensation paid during the calendar year. By definition, the cost is a dollar amount reflected in the table below:

FY08 HRA Amounts
Annual Quarterly Semi-monthly Bi-weekly Monthly Hourly
$1,531.27 $382.82 $63.80 $58.89 $127.61 $0.98