Employer eReporting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Employer eReporting?

Employer eReporting is an application developed for Employers to report payrolls. This application is a web application, meaning you will log in and access it through a link on the Employer Services website. You need a browser tool such as Internet Explorer (version 6.x), Netscape Navigator (version 7.x), or Mozilla Firefox (version 1.x).

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How do I export from my payroll system?

If you have access to computer programming support, please contact that person and show them the file layouts [PDF 530K]. If you do not have any technical support, we are working on a second file format that we will support later for payroll systems that can export to Excel or a text file. When this second format is available, we will post more information here as well as in the Employer News newsletter. If you have a technical question regarding your current file export or changes required by the new file layout, please contact Teresa Kesey by email or (907) 465-5715.

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Who do I contact for questions about Employer eReporting?

You may contact your assigned payroll contact at the email or telephone number listed on the employer contact page.

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Who do I contact for questions about the new Defined Contribution Plan?

Watch the Employer Services home page for information, contact your employer's regional counselor, or email us at doa.drb.dcra@alaska.gov.

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What is the "Other ACH" payment option?

A payment option is now available for your use, it is titled "Other ACH."  Employers who are currently paying their contributions utilizing an "external ACH" payment method (not the eReporting Electronic Payment option) should use the new payment option "Other ACH" and should no longer use the "No Payment" option.  The "No Payment" option is now reserved for those transmissions that have no accompanying payment.

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What are the minimum system requirements?

In order to use Employer eReporting effectively, you will need to ensure your workstations and Internet connectivity meet the minimum requirements listed below:

  • A 56K Internet Connection (high-speed or broadband connectivity is recommended but not required)
  • Internet Explorer (version 6.x)
  • Netscape Navigator (version 7.x)
  • Firefox (version 1.x) This is the preferred browser
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0.8
  • JavaScript must be enabled on your browser (See page 9 of the User Guide [PDF 632K] for details)

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What validations are performed by Employer eReporting?

Validations for eReporting are still in progress. Checking ERS Validation Errors [PDF 27K] before you validate your payroll will let you know what is currently being checked. New validations will be added over time.

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What does the "Status" field mean on the Control tab?

The Status field on the Control tab identifies the “Status” of the payroll selected or the processing stage.

There are four different status types or stages:

  • In process = still working on this payroll, it has not yet been validated, has been validated but has had changes since validation or has been validated but failed with critical errors that must be corrected. cannot be and is not submitted.
  • Validating = this payroll is being validated, stand by; other users cannot make/save changes while this payroll is being validated. You can create or work on another payroll while this payroll is being validated.
  • Validated no errors = this payroll can be submitted. There are no warning or critical errors.
  • Validated with warning = this payroll can be submitted, however, there are warnings. You should always review these warnings as they may cause critical errors when the Division begins processing this payroll.

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