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LogonID Request

An Employer Services LogonID Request form needs to be submitted to the Division for the following reasons:

If you are having problems logging in or have forgotten your UserID or password, please contact your DRB Payroll Processing contact.

Contact Information

Technical Difficulties

If you experience any technical difficulties, contact your programmers directly for system errors first. Then, if technical difficulties are still occurring please report the errors via email. Additional information such as screen prints and error messages are most appreciated and will assist us in quickly resolving any issues. Please include your employer number and name as well as a phone number for you and/or your programmers when emailing this correspondence. You may contact your DRB payroll processing point of contact linked above if you are unsure of the nature of the errors.

Reporting Requirements

If you have questions regarding the reporting requirements, please contact our Payroll Processing Supervisor at (800) 821-2251 extension 5715 (465-5715 in Juneau), or by email.

eReporting Fax Number

As listed above, the Division has dedicated a fax number, (907) 465-3364, to be used when sending your signed eReporting "Employer Summary of Contributions Final Submittal Report." Please send this report via fax as soon as you have submitted your payroll information (other then when you are paying by check) so we can ensure that we can match your payroll with your payment upon your settlement date. If you are mailing a check, please include the original signed "Employer Summary of Contributions Final Submittal Report" with your check.

(Rev. 7/1/09)