Employer Access & eReporting Instructions for New Users

This section is designed to provide instructions for new employers.

Getting Started

  1. Complete a LogonID form
    • This form must be signed by the new payroll contact and the Employer Representative
  2. Once you have completed a Logon ID form and submitted it to your Employer Contact, they will email you with your Retirement ID number and your User name.
  3. Create a myAlaska account to use Employer Access.

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Employer Access Available Tools

Employer Access

Member Accounts:
Basic Indicative and Employment Information
Defined Contribution Account Balances
Web Reports:
Member Detail Report
Service Detail Report
Employer eReporting Tool:
Payroll and Employee's Information
Full access rights to include set up for bank account access

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Welcome to eReporting


Payment Options

  • Check: mail a check directly to the Division of Retirement and Benefits
  • Electronic Payment: Employer eReporting electronic payment – select the name of the account you want to use from the list to make an eReporting electronic payment. This option requires Banking Tab setup.
  • No Payment: this can only be used if pre-approved by the Division of Retirement and Benefits

Banking Tab Setup

The full access rights user will have the authority to setup the Banking Tab for the eReporting Electronic Payment option. Please call your payroll contact for assistance.

Banking Tab Notes

  • The password is linked to the Account not the UserID.
  • The password is not maintained by the Division or stored in the application – The Division cannot reset the password.
  • If the password is forgotten you can delete the account and setup a new Account.
    • Account deletions do not require a password.
    • Each time a new account is set up or changed a pre-note has to successfully process before the account can be used for payment, this may take up to 7 business days.

Late Payrolls

  • All payrolls and money are due to be transmitted to the plan no later than 15 days after the payroll issue date
  • An email reminder will be sent to the payroll contact.
  • 30 days late - A certified letter will be mailed to the payroll contact with a courtesy copy to the Administrator.
  • 60 days late - A certified letter will be mailed to the Administrator.

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Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution Retirement (DCR) Employee Forms

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