2016 Employer Conference Materials


Benefit and Education Roundtable [PDF 3.74MB]
Mike Doss, DRB
Teacher Education & Certificate [PDF 4.13MB]
Sondra Meredith, DEED
Teacher Non-Certification [PDF 1.18MB]
Douglas Gray, DRB
Appeals Risk Mitigation [PDF 272K]
Larry Davis, DRB
The 457 Plan - Alaska's New DCP Plan [PDF 1.4MB]
Benefit and Education Forms [PDF 333K]
Brandon Roomsburg, DRB
Voluntary Supplemental Benefits [PDF 405K]
Marla Christenson and MetLife Representative
GASB Updates [PDF 945K]
Kevin Worley, DRB
Make Whole Agreements [PDF 376K]
Larry Davis and Erika Burkhouse, DRB
Elected Officials and Election Workers [PDF 1.67MB]
Melanie Helmick, DRB
Employee vs Independent Contractor [PDF 378K]
Windfall Elimation Provision/Government Pension Offset [PDF 1.75MB]
Most Common Audit Issues [PDF 206K]
Nimeri Denis, DRB
State Fiscal Year PERS & TRS Audit List [PDF 129K]
Melanie Helmick
Alaska Employer Tool Kit [PDF 1.57MB]
Empower Overview [PDF 2.19MB]
MetLife - State of AK[PDF 2.32MB]