Long-Term Disability Benefits

When Benefits Are Payable

To receive benefits from this plan, you must be totally disabled. That is, you are unable to work at any reasonable occupation due to sickness or injury, and are under the care of a physician. Medical certification is required.

Benefits will begin after you have completed a six-month waiting period of total disability. This waiting period begins on the day you are both totally disabled and under the care of a physician. You will be considered disabled no earlier than 31 days before the date you are first seen and treated by a qualified physician for the cause of your disability.

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Benefit Amount

Depending upon which LTD plan you are enrolled in at the time of your disability, your monthly benefit will equal either 50% or 70% of your monthly base pay, reduced by any “other income.” “Monthly base pay” is your pay of record on April 1 for the benefit year beginning on the first day of the following July. It excludes bonuses, overtime, and other compensation. Adjustments may be made for part-time, seasonal or newly-hired employees.

For both options, the maximum monthly benefit payable is $8,000, and the minimum benefit is $100 per month. Appropriate adjustments will be made for partial months.

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Duration of Payments

If you are disabled at age 60 or younger, benefits may be paid to you until you reach age 65. If you are disabled at age 61 or over, the following table shows how long payments may be made.

Disability Benefit Period
Age at Disability Duration of Benefit Payments
≤ 60 To age 65
61 48 months
62 42 months
63 36 months
64 30 months
65 24 months
66 24 months
67 18 months
68 18 months
69 18 months
≥ 70 12 months

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Recurring Periods of Disability

Once a period of total disability has ended, any new period of disability will be treated separately. Two or more separate periods of total disability that occur while you are covered under this plan and resulting from the same or related causes will be considered as one period if they are separated by less than three months.

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Limitations on Benefit Period

No more than 24 months of benefits will be paid if a total disability is caused by one of the following:

  • mental or nervous conditions.
  • conditions caused by or contributed to by chemical dependency, or hallucinogenic substances.

If, after the first 24 months of benefits, you are confined as an inpatient in a hospital for more than 30 days for treatment of one of these conditions, benefits will continue until you have been free of confinement for that condition for a total of 90 days during any 12-month period. The section Recurring Period of Disability will not apply.

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Survivor Income Benefit

If you die while receiving LTD benefits, a survivor benefit equal to three months of benefits will be paid to your surviving spouse or dependent children. This amount will not be reduced by “other income benefits.”

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Pregnancy Coverage

Benefits for a totally disabling pregnancy-related condition are paid to female employees on the same basis as for any other condition. As with any disability, a physician must certify that the employee is totally disabled, and additional evidence may be required before a determination is made whether benefits will be paid.

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