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Short-Term Disability Benefits

When Benefits are Payable

If you become disabled while enrolled in the Short-Term Disability plan, benefits will begin the 31st day of a disability absence or when all paid leave has been exhausted, whichever is later. A “disability absence” is any absence from work caused by an injury or a disease. To receive benefits, you must first submit medical certification of your disability from your physician.

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Benefit Amount

Your weekly benefit will be $210, minus any other disability or retirement benefits you receive as described in the section, Other Income Benefits. Partial weeks of disability will be prorated at $30 per day.

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Duration of Payments

Benefits may be paid for a period of disability of up to 180 days which begin on the date you are first disabled or until Long-Term Disability benefits commence, regardless of whether full benefits have been realized.

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Recurring Periods of Disability

One “period of disability” may include more than one disability absence. Disability absences due to the same or related causes and separated by less than two consecutive weeks of full-time work will be considered to be the same period of disability. A new disability absence due to a cause different from that of any prior disability must be separated from the prior disability by at least one day of full-time active work for you to become eligible for a new maximum period of payment.

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