Gym Registration

The below form is for organizations who wish to take part in the State of Alaska’s Employee Discount program for fitness clubs, gyms, and wellness organizations.

For more information or questions, please contact Steve Ramos, Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits, (907) 465-2307.

Dear Fitness Providers,

The State of Alaska (State) has seen the costs for its healthcare plans double over the last 10 years. To address this serious matter, the State is engaged in a multi-faceted wellness initiative to reduce future healthcare costs by helping employees achieve and maintain their personal health goals.

One of the ways the State is engaging employees is through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and increased activity. The State hopes to facilitate this through the development of an online listing of in-state fitness providers offering a discount to State employees. This listing will be made available to all State employees through a web page, quarterly email reminders, and annual flyers. Interested providers must hold a valid Alaska Business License whose registration reflects fitness, recreation, or other comparable services in their line of business and must complete all fields in the online registration form.

As a fitness provider who may want to reach an audience of up to 16,000 potential customers, you are invited to complete an online form describing the details of your fitness program including the regular fees for membership, the type of discount available to State employees, documentation necessary to receive the discount, a link to your website and other pertinent details.

If you offer a discount to State employees and want your information listed on the Web site, please make sure you complete the online form. You may sign up at your convenience and your information will be added to the Web site within 30 calendar days of submittal. The State reserves the right to make changes to eligibility requirements and edit or discontinue the listing at their discretion.

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity to improve the overall wellness of State employees.