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Employee Health Benefits Overview

What is health coverage?

Health coverage helps you and your eligible dependents pay for medical, dental and vision expenses. The State provides eligible employees with a Benefit Credit sufficient to cover the majority of the cost of coverage. You may choose between different plans and pay the difference between the State’s Benefit Credit and the plans you have chosen.

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Medical plans

Medical plans all cover the same services but have different deductibles, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums. You choose the plan that is best for you based on how much you can afford to pay in deductibles and coinsurance as well as the premium.

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Dental plans

Dental plans cover different services and reimburse different amounts depending on the plan selected. You choose the plan that is best for you based on the services you anticipate, those that are covered and how much you can afford to pay in deductible, coinsurance and the premium.

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Vision plans

Please see new vision plan information.

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Dependent Enrollment

Remember to have claims paid for your eligible dependents – your spouse or same sex partner and your children – you must enroll them in the plan.

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Which health plan am I in?

Note that even though the State makes a contribution for all eligible employee’s health coverage, not all employees are covered by the same health plan. While some groups are covered by this AlaskaCare plan managed by the State, others are covered by health trusts. Find out which plan you are in.

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