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How to Enroll in Benefits

  1. Make sure you have your RIN (Retirement ID Number). Login to myRnB to get your RIN. If you haven't used myRnB before, use the RIN request form.
  2. Log in to the Insurance Enrollment system
  3. Select the appropriate option to indicate the reason for your enrollment and the date of the event and click on Change Your Elections
    • If you are a new hire, the system will request information about your employment type, monthly base wage, and hire date. This information should be provided to you by your hiring manager or human resource office on the Enrollment Personal Information Sheet [PDF 65K].
  4. The system will:
    • display your current benefits if you are enrolled and changing what you currently have, or
    • display no current benefits if you are a new hire
  5. Once you have selected your new benefits, it will automatically calculate the premiums when you click Preview
  6. Once satisfied with your elections, print a copy for your records and then click Submit
  7. A page confirming receipt of your enrollment will be displayed; print a copy for your records as no additional confirmation will be provided

AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan Members

You may add, change or delete dependents covered under your health plan at any time. Be sure to add eligible dependents when you are first hired, review the dependents anytime you enroll, and make any necessary updates as your dependents change.

You may add or change dependents either by:

  1. Logging in to the Insurance Enrollment system and clicking on Health Dependent Enrollment
  2. Logging in to Dependent Health Enrollment directly if you are not changing benefits

Note: If adding a new dependent, be sure to print, sign and return the verification letter to the Division.

Health Trust members

Members of other health trusts should visit the appropriate trust Web site for details.