Basic and Select Life Eligibility Information


Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage is provided free of charge to permanent and long-term nonpermanent employees of the State of Alaska as shown below:

  • Full-time employees of the State of Alaska (those whose position is scheduled to work 30 or more hours a week on a regular basis — includes long-term nonpermanent employees).
  • Full-time seasonal employees of the State of Alaska (subject to the guidelines outlined in the sections “When Coverage Begins” and “When Coverage Ends” on pages 10 and 11)
  • Part-time employees of the State of Alaska who elect to participate in the plan (those whose positions are scheduled to work at least 15 but less than 30 hours a week on a regular basis).
  • If you are a part-time employee and want to participate in the State’s Basic Life and AD&D plan, you must elect coverage within the first 31 consecutive calendar days of employment. You need to sign an enrollment form and enroll in the Group Health plan. You must pay one-half of the health and life premium cost. If you do not elect coverage within the first 31 days, you may enroll during the open enrollment or following a qualified status change. Contact your human resources office or the division for more information.


Your eligible dependents for your select life insurance benefits include:

  • Your spouse. You may be legally separated but not divorced.
  • Your children from 14 days old up to age 23, only if they are:
    • your natural children, stepchildren, foster children placed through a State foster child program, legally adopted children, children in your physical custody and for whom bona fide adoption proceedings are underway, or children for whom you are the legal, court-appointed guardian;
      • unmarried and chiefly dependent upon you for support;
      • living with you in a normal parent-child relationship;
        • This provision is waived for natural/adopted children of the employee who are living with a divorced spouse, assuming all other criteria is met.
        • Only stepchildren living with the employee more than 50% of the time are covered under this plan.
      • in addition, if they are between the ages of 19 and 23, they must be attending school regularly on a full- or half-time basis.
      • Children incapable of employment because of a mental or physical incapacity are covered even if they are past the maximum age. However, the incapacity must have existed before age 19 and the children must continue to rely chiefly on you for support. You must furnish the carrier with evidence of the incapacities, proof that they existed before age 19 and proof of financial dependency. Children are covered as long as the incapacity exists and they meet the definition of children, except for age. Periodic proof of the continued incapacity may be required.
      • If the State of Alaska Group Life plan covers more than one family member, each eligible family member may be covered both as an employee and as a dependent, or as the dependent of more than one employee. A member is defined as the employee or eligible dependent covered by the plan.