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Benefit Credits

Benefit year 2015

The AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan allows you to choose your benefit plans. Because you may have needs that are different from your coworkers and friends, with AlaskaCare you create a personal benefit program from a range of benefits and levels of coverage. Best of all, you can spend your dollars – and the state’s – for benefits that better meet your needs. Here’s how it works:

  • With the AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan, the state allocates the money it spends on your health benefits as “Benefit Credits.” If you work part-time, you get Benefit Credits only if you elect health coverage.
  • You then consider the monthly cost of each option and decide which benefits to buy.
  • After making your choices, if the total (excluding any contributions to the Dependent Care Assistance Plan), is:
    • the same as your Benefit Credit amount, there is no effect on your pay.
    • more than your Benefit Credit, you pay the difference through pretax payroll deductions. This means deductions are withheld from your pay before federal taxes are applied. The difference is deducted from your paychecks twice per month in equal amounts throughout the benefit year.

The online enrollment system will automatically calculate your Benefit Credits and premiums as you make selections, allowing you to change your choices until you are satisfied with the choices and cost.

Benefit Credits
Effective July 1, 2015, benefit credits changed from $1,371
Bargaining Unit/Employee Group Benefit Credit Monthly Amount
AVTECA $1,346
Confidential $1,346
Correctional Officers $1,346
Exempt Executive/Judicial/Legislative/Excluded $1,346
Inlandboatmens $1,346
Marine Engineers $1,346
Supervisory $1,346
TEAME $1,346

Health-eligible full time employees receive the full Benefit Credit and are required to have health coverage. Health-eligible part time employees receive one-half the Benefit Credit only if they elect health insurance.