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How to enroll during Open Enrollment

Before you enroll

screen shot 1

Review the enrollment information and decide which benefits you want.

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Got Your RIN?

screen shot 2

Make sure you have your Retirement ID Number (RIN). Don't know it? Click on the "Get My RIN" button in the left-hand column of any division page.

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Enter the Enrollment System

screen shot 3

Click the Insurance Enrollment link on any division page; or

screen shot 4

click the Enroll for Insurance Coverage link in myRnB.

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Logging In

screen shot 5
  1. Enter your RIN
  2. Enter last 4 digits of your SSN
  3. Click Sign In

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Open Enrollment

screen shot 6
  1. Choose Open Enrollment under Change Reason
  2. Date field will populate with 7/1/2013
  3. Click on Change Elections

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Benefit Selection

screen shot 7
  • Use the drop down boxes to choose benefits (your current benefits are shown)
  • Click on Continue - you can review your benefits on the next screen
  • Note the member on the screen shot has AlaskaCare health. If you don't the list will include just Optional Benefits.

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Benefit Preview

screen shot 8

Review the elections and premiums. To make changes, click Back. To enroll in these benefits, click Submit Elections.

You're Done

screen shot 9

Your enrollment is complete. If you have health through a union health trust, contact them for health enrollment.

After Enrolling

screen shot 10

If you would like to check your enrollment later, use the Review Current Elections button to see what you have now and the Review Future Elections button to see your new enrollment that isn't effective yet.

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