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Customer Service Center FAQs

How will reduced phone service hours improve services for me?

Limiting Customer Service Center phone hours to a defined period allows the Division of Retirement and Benefits (Division) to have more Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) available on the phones answering calls.  This will reduce the time you will wait for your call to be answered.  The new Customer Service Center will simplify the choices on the automated phone service menu allowing you to reach a live person more quickly.  The CSRs have been trained in all aspects of the retirement plans, which will reduce the need to transfer calls to other sections of the Division.  During times of high phone traffic, additional CSRs will be added.

What if I am unable to call between 10am and 3:30pm Alaska Standard Time (AST)?

You may call the Division any time outside of the Customer Service Center phone hours and leave a message.  Messages received outside of Customer Service Center phone hours will be handled in the order received.  We expect to respond to all messages received before 10am AST on the day they are received.  Responses to messages received after 3:30pm AST will be handled next business day.

Can I still call during my lunch hour?

Yes.  The Customer Service Center will have customer service representatives on the phones from 10:00 am till 3:30 pm AST, Monday through Friday, except for State holidays.

What services are affected by the change in phone service hours?

No services will be reduced by the change in Customer Service Center phone hours.  The Customer Service Representatives will concentrate on processing responses in the hours before and after the Customer Service Center phone hours which will reduce turnaround time for most services.

Will the additional staff be adequately trained and knowledgeable enough to answer my questions?

Yes. The Customer Service Center representatives have been trained to be able to answer the majority of questions that may arise.  If they are unable to answer your question, they will direct your call to a specialist for further assistance.

Do I have to wait until 2 pm Eastern time to call if I’m in Florida?

Yes.  The hours of operation for the Division Customer Service Centers are 10:00 am through 3:30 pm AST.  Callers need to account for the time difference depending on their location.