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For Our Customers: A New Approach to Customer Service Centers

Exciting new developments in the Division of Retirement and Benefits (DRB) improve customer service capabilities


Each of the Divisionís sections call centers periodically experienced high call volumes. During these seasonal peaks, staff time was primarily focused on answering phones, resulting in extended processing times for issues unable to be resolved during the first call. Customers sometimes experienced long wait times, or multiple transfers to various DRB sections.


The Division created a new Retirement Customer Service Center (RCSC).


To improve phone service and provide faster processing of all customer requests.


This change took effect Monday, August 2, 2010. RCSC phone hours of operation and DRB office hours.


Customer Service Representatives were trained to become subject matter experts in multiple areas, expanding their focus and skills. This increased their ability to provide broader services to our customers.

The Divisionís phone call routing message was simplified by eliminating four options.

During the RCSC phone hours, the number of Customer Service Representatives available on the phone has been doubled. Additional Customer Service Representatives from other units are activated during times of high call volume to ensure timely phone service.

How This Affects You

The RCSC allows:

  • Your ability to speak to a live person on most calls, rather than waiting in a queue;
  • Reduction in dropped calls;
  • Reduction in call transfers within the Division;
  • Resolution of most issue(s) during your first conversation.

Additionally, you may leave a message for follow-up by staff for calls made outside the RCSC phone hours.

These phone hours allow Division staff to focus on written requests and inquiries in the times preceding and following the RCSC phone hours improving response times for these types of contacts. Turnaround time for other pension and health related issues will also be reduced.

The Divisionís phone greeting gives the RCSC phone hours of operation, and is periodically refreshed with seasonal information.

Division technicians and specialists continue to be available on their direct business lines outside of the RCSC phone hours ensuring you receive the service you need.

Taken from Director's letter dated 6/25/10