Fees for Public Record Requests

Generally, the Division of Retirement and Benefits charges for the costs it incurs in furnishing copies of any printed or computer-generated material in its possession. These charges may be waived for requests with an estimated cost of less than $5.00 for photocopies or less than $100.00 for other products and services. Requests will not be processed until payment is received.

Staff Time

The division may charge the actual cost of personnel or may use the following rates (one-hour minimum):

Request Cost
Special request programming $ 100 per hour
Specialized skills (e.g. research) $ 50 per hour
Clerical Skills $ 30 per hour

Other Production Costs

Request Cost
Mailing/packaging/archiving $ 40 per request
Other CPU or LAN usage $ 40 per hour (one hour minimum)

Media *

Request Cost
Photocopies $ 0.25 per page side
Printed paper $ 0.25 per page side
Mailing labels $ 0.50 per page
Magnetic tapes $ 50 per tape plus $ 100 set-up fee
Compact discs (CDs) $ 5 per CD
Delivery via Internet or Email No cost for media

* Does not include the cost of any staff time