National Save for Retirement Week a Great Success

How are you promoting your retirement and benefit packages?

During National Save for Retirement Week the Division reached out to State employees, teachers, and other organizations taking part in the retirement plans we administer. We successfully arranged appointments with over 200 individuals and fielded numerous phone calls and emails regarding the added savings vehicles we offer. It is clear that employees are very interested in pre-retirement planning.


Why is it important for employees to plan in advance?

  • Time is an important factor in an increased chance of a sound retirement future - time to learn, save, and earn interest.
  • Learning about pensions, social security and other programs is also essential - what is available, how they work, and other important data, can’t wait for employees to become familiar with at or near retirement.

Without seminars and other educational opportunities, employees often don’t have the chance or the time to learn about the retirement and benefit packages available to them. That’s why at the State many employees can attend seminars as part of their workday. In fact, most State employees don’t have to take leave to attend a seminar. If you don’t currently offer employees this option, you could consider introducing something similar or you could host a workplace benefits fair. If you decide to host a fair, let your Division retirement counselor know so that we can offer you the support you need to make your benefits fair a success. Another option available for your employees is a seminar via WebEx. Please contact the Division to arrange a time. If you are already successfully communicating plan information, email us your tips and ideas, so we can share your success in our next newsletter.

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Reminder: Substitute Teaching is Not TRS Eligible

Teacher Photo

Substitute teachers should not be enrolled in the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS). This includes day-to-day substitutes and long term substitutes filling in for teachers who are absent for extended periods. Membership in the TRS is defined under Alaska Statute (AS 14.25.220), and includes full- and part-time teachers. Statutes clearly exclude “teaching as an assistant or graduate assistant, or teaching on a substitute, temporary, or per diem basis” from eligibility for TRS membership.

Since these positions are considered nonpermanent, they are also not eligible for PERS.

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Employer Training is Just a Few Weeks Away

December 6 to 7 at Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage

business professionals

The Employer Training is coming up in just a few weeks. Time is running out to register for the training!

This is a great opportunity for employer representatives to learn more about the PERS and TRS systems. Representatives from the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service will be presenting.

For more information, review the schedule.

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PERS and TRS Publications Available Online

Bookmark Pages Below for Future Reference


Most PERS and TRS publications are available online.

PERS Publications

TRS Publications


To navigate to any Division reports, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the “Resources” drop-down menu, click on “Publications
  3. Click on the appropriate system, plan, or fund
  4. Select the report you want to view

To request a hard copy of these reports, contact the Division at (907) 465-5711.

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