PERS Service Accrual

How do I earn service credit in the PERS?

Full-time members of the PERS earn a day of service credit for each day they are actively employed in a PERS-covered (eligible) position. This includes holidays or regularly (scheduled) days off (RDO) as long as you are in pay status the day before and the day after the holiday or RDO.

Part-time members of the PERS, those who work at least 15 hours per week but less than 30 hours per week, receive credit for the number of hours they work. A total of 1,560 hours must be earned to receive a year of service credit. However, service accrued for a stated period of part-time service may not exceed the full time equivalent.

How do I know how much service I have?

The PERS issues a member statement once each year. The statement includes your total service accrual as of the date of the statement as well as an accounting of all the contributions, indebtedness payments made, and interest earned for the year.

If I think there is an error in my service on the statement, how do I get it corrected?

Your employer reports your service and contributions to the PERS each pay period. If you believe your service is in error, you should contact your employer first. If the employer agrees that there has been an error in reporting, they can correct the error on their next payroll processing or, if they are not able to make the correction that way, they can contact the Division for assistance.