DRB Director Biography

Jim Puckett

Jim Puckett was appointed as the Director of the Division of Retirement and Benefits in April 2011. He oversees the employer and member services sections of the Division: Retirement, Health and Optional Benefits, Information Services, Accounting and Administrative Support. Jim comes to DRB with a variety of work and leadership experiences including mining and oil field, construction, teaching, school administration and business ownership. Arriving in Alaska the summer of 1970, Jim's family has extensive experience in military and public service here in our state. A graduate of Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, he worked for a number of years in and near Fairbanks before leaving Alaska to complete his college education, returning to teach in his adopted hometown.

Jim's unique mix of experiences and public service are a great fit for an organization that serves such a diverse group of Alaskans. Jim and his family moved to Juneau in early 2008 to serve as Deputy Director in DRB, and he oversaw the implementation of several service improvement projects. We are fortunate to have Jim step into the Director role during a time of continued Division service growth and improvement.