General Layoff Information for the AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan

AlaskaCare members are employees in the following groups:

AVTEC TEAME (Mt. Edgecumbe Teachers)
Confidential Supervisory
Correctional Officers Unlicensed Vessel Personnel/Inland Boatmen’s Union (IBU)
Marine Engineers Employees not covered by collective bargaining (Exempt)

When you are separated for layoff, a notice of coverage termination is sent to our vendor, PayFlex. PayFlex will then send a notice of COBRA rights and an application for continuation of coverage by mail to you. If you wish to continue your health coverage for you and your eligible dependents, you must elect continuation of coverage on the form provided by PayFlex and you must do so within 60 days of when the initial notice is issued to you. Payment for coverage, as described in the notice, must be made when due. Premium amounts will be listed in the initial notice, and can also be found on our COBRA premium web page shown above.

You may elect the same level of coverage as your active plan, or you may elect a lower level of coverage. For example, if you are covered under the medical plan and have elected the standard plan, you may elect COBRA continuation coverage under either the standard plan or the economy plan. Additionally, you may elect COBRA continuation coverage under the medical plan only; or under the medical plan and under the dental plan and/or the vision plan. You have a right to continue coverage for up to 36 months. If you elect COBRA, you do not need to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act.  However, being eligible for COBRA does not limit your eligibility for coverage for a tax credit through the Marketplace. For information on Alaska Health Care Exchange, please visit

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