Empower Retirement Financial Rebalancer

"Rebalancing" the asset allocation mix of the assets in your account, Rebalancer allows you to:

  • Bring your investment allocation mix back to the original target mix that you determine.
  • Maintain the target mix you've chosen to meet your long-term objective-automatically at a frequency that you select.

Here's a hypothetical example of a participant's account. Say this person wants to keep their account with 25% in a Fund A, 50% in Fund B, and 25% in Fund C.

But every day the market changes. Prices of the funds go up and down with the prices of the underlying stocks or bonds. So the values of each of the investment options in this account change, and the asset allocation mix changes too.

Before the participant uses Rebalancer, the asset allocation mix has changed to 22% in Fund A, 67% in Fund B, and only 11% in Fund C.

Once Rebalancer is used, the account is automatically adjusted so the mix goes back to the original target mix of 25% Fund A, 50% Fund B, and 25% Fund C.

To access Rebalancer:

  1. Go to Account Information Online (Empower Retirement)
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. Click on Change Account » Rebalancer
  4. Follow the instructions

Although Rebalancer does not assure a profit or protect against loss, it helps keep your account balanced to your specification. Just remember to consider your ability to continue rebalancing through periods of low or high prices.