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Cost of Risk Allocation

Risk Management's budget is funded entirely through inter-agency receipts annually billed each agency through a "Cost of Risk" premium allocation system (CORA). The Risk Management information system generates the annual cost of risk allocation to each agency reflecting their proportionate share of the State's overall cost of risk. Designed to achieve equitable distribution of the self-insurance program costs, it factors exposure values subject to loss and considers the past 5 years actual claims experience incurred by each department. For most cost of risk allocations, 80% of the premium billing is based on the average of the past 5 years-actual claims experience. Thus provides a direct fiscal incentive to each agency to reduce or control their claim costs.

The program compiles a property inventory schedule of all owned or leased buildings used or occupied by State agencies; recording age and type of building construction, occupancy, fire protection services and sprinkler systems and projected replacement cost value. Individual premiums are then determined and in situations of multiple occupancy, allocated to each department on the basis of square footage used.

Risk Management works with each agency to minimize claim costs and to accurately and equitably distribute the RM annual cost of risk allocation within each department. For greatest accuracy, exposure component detail (payrolls, personnel, vehicles etc.) needs to be configured to the same locations or divisional units used for claim location identification. Risk Management continues to work with each agency to develop this information to improve the value of these reports to better assist management comparisons of similar units and operations.

The "cost of risk" premium is collected through two methods from individual state agency operating budgets. Reimbursable Services Agreements (RSA's) are used for all categories of insurance other than Workers' Compensation and Combined Liability (general, auto and professional) which are assessed on a rate per $100 payroll - applied monthly to each agencies actual payroll until the allocated premium is paid. As each agencies payroll generates the premium owed the assessment is individually shut off.