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Telephones  (Cisco VoIP)

How to forward a message to someone else in Unity:

If you are listening to a voicemail message and need to transfer it on to another user, you should use Unity's FORWARD feature.

  1. Listen to the message all the way to the end, or press the # key when you've heard enough of the message to know you need to forward it. # takes you to the end of the message.
  2. As soon as the menu starts playing at the end of the message, press 5.
  3. Enter the extension you wish to forward the message to followed by #
  4. Press # again to accept the extension.
  5. Record an introduction or just press # to skip that and forward the message.
  6. You will hear the "message forwarded" message to let you know it has been sent. You will then have the option to save or delete the message. If you don't want to keep a copy for yourself, choose 3 to delete the message.