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Telephones  (Cisco VoIP)

How to set up a private distribution list

  1. Log into your voicemail account by pressing the message button on your phone and entering your password when prompted.
  2. At the main menu, choose option 4 (setup options).
  3. At the setup menu, choose option 2 (message options).
  4. At the message menu, choose option 4 (edit private list).
  5. In the Private List menu, choose option 2 (edit names).
  6. You will be prompted for the number of your list. You have lists 1-99 available to you. For your first list, choose 1. For subsequent lists, choose the next available number.
  7. The system will prompt you for an extension to add to the list. Enter the extension number and press #. It will allow you to keep entering extensions, pressing # after each one until you are done. After each number is added to the list, Unity will ask you to add another extension or press * to finish. After you have added all extensions you need, press *.
  8. Once you have added the extensions to the list and pressed *, you will be given a menu that lets you modify the names on the list or record a name for the list. Recording a name for the list is very useful for you to identify the list later. Choose Option 4 to record a name for the list.
  9. At the tone, record a name & press # when done. Unity will prompt you to either rerecord the name by pressing 1 or press * if done. Press * when you are happy with the list name.
  10. When Unity plays the list editing menu again, you may hang up the phone.