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Telephones  (Cisco VoIP)

Ordering, Pricing and FAQ's

Ordering Phone services:

To order phone services; a new phone, a broken phone, a new phone system or a move or change, please submit an USD request to the State service center: or dial 1-888-565-8680.

If the request is for a new phone system, ETS may delegate the responsibility back to the agency, to handle the procurement directly.  Following state procurement rules, the agency will solicit providers to design and recommend the appropriate service to meet the needs. Information about lines, phones, faxes, modems, alarms, voicemail or any additional services as well as a floor plan and wiring layout may be required.

What is the cost of replacing a broken Cisco IP telephone handset?

Break/fix repairs are covered, you will get an equivalent handset. Open a request with the service center.

What are the costs of Cisco IP telephone hand sets?

Approximate handset pricing is:

• $255.00 - 2-button phone (7945g excludes license)
• $323.00 - 6-button phone (7965g excludes license)
• $725.00 - VoIP Conference Phone (7937g excludes license)
• $190.00 -2 pak microphone kit for VoIP Conference Phone
• $275.00 - Sidecar Expansion module, (option used with 6-button set, includes sidecar, footstand, power cord & transformer, Note: 2 ea. sidecars may be added)

How do I get a phone cord?

You can get a phone cord from your local phone store retailer (hardware, housewares)

Will my old headset work on the new Cisco VoIP phones?

Some of the newer Plantronics headsets are compatible - some are not.  Consult Plantronics VoIP Headsets: Printable PDF, or Website

How come I can no longer dial just 4 digits to complete a call on the new Cisco VoIP phone?

The new dialing plan is now 7 digits. This is being done to accommodate the entire State of Alaska phone network.

When do I need to dial "9" before I place a call?

  • You should not use "9" unless you are calling "off-net"
  • The transition makes it hard for the end user to know if the call is "off-net" or not
  • Try to place the call with and without a preceding "9"
  • If the call cannot go through with or without a "9", please open a problem ticket with GCI (1-888-565-8680) noting the following
    • Your phone number
    • Your physical address (i.e. 550 W 7th Avenue suite 1950)
    • The number you are trying to call
    • Any heard message (i.e. "Your call cannot be completed as dialed")