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McAfee Security Connected Solutions Program

On December 28, 2011 the State entered into a partnership with McAfee to deploy McAfee Security Connected Solutions in order to meet the State’s basic security requirements. The Program object is to reduce security risks by deploying more solutions while lowering the cost per service. The Program objectives are being achieved by the State becoming a larger customer to a single security partner, McAfee. McAfee is offering the State a pool of Solutions that are connected to a single administrative console. The product price is discounted because of the large volume purchase (number of licenses as well as number of products.) In order to increase the value to State and avoid the purchase of “Shelf Ware” the software products have been purchased through a pooling agreement. At the end of three years on 12/28/2014 the State will count the software licenses in use and pay software maintenance on just those licenses.

Final McAfee Proposal

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McAfee Program Contacts:

D’Aun Porter, Program Manager
World Wide Technology
(907) 229-1025