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State Security Office Liaison Roles & Responsibilities

As we move forward with improving our communication efforts with agency staff, each SSO team member will be assigned a primary department.  All departmental communication to and from the SSO should take place thru the designated SSO Liaison.  The liaisons roles and responsibilities:

  1. Be the primary SSO interface with the specific Department(s);
  2. Work directly with the Department Computer Designee(s) and Agency IT Management to ensure proper understanding and coordination with SSO security directions, services and solutions;
  3. Work with departments on the creations of Department Security Policy and Procedure in collaborations with SSO statewide security framework, policies, procedures and guidelines;
  4. Answer day-to-day questions regarding security from the agency;
  5. Perform reviews and approvals on Agency Security Plans;
  6. Provide security awareness training;
  7. Stay abreast of Agency security activities and solutions;
  8. Facilitate a one-on-one monthly meeting with each agency DCSD; and
  9. Bring agency issues to the attention of the SSO and ensure their requirements are met by the SSO solutions.

SSO Liaison Assignments:

  • Administration = Grady Treston
  • Commerce, Community & Economic Development = Erik Bobo
  • Corrections = Erik Bobo
  • Court System = Chris Letterman or Jay Druyvestein
  • Education and Early Development = Grady Treston
  • Environmental Conservation =
    Grady Treston
  • Fish and Game = Myron Davis
  • Governor's Office = Chris Letterman or Jay Druyvestein
  • Health and Social Services =
    Erik Bobo
  • Labor and Workforce Development =  Myron davis  
  • Law = Andre Collins
  • Legislature = Chris Letterman or
    Jay Druyvestein
  • Lt. Governor's Office = Chris Letterman or Jay Druyvestein
  • Military & Veterans Affairs = Erik Bobo
  • Natural Resources = Andre Collins
  • Public Safety = Andre Collins
  • Revenue = Andre Collins
  • Transportation & Public Facilities = Erik Bobo
  • University of Alaska =  Chris Letterman or Jay Druyvestein

SSO Contact                Phone

Jay Druyvestein             465-2060

Grady Treston                465-8178

Erik Bobo                         269-7276

Andre Collins           269-5635

Christopher Letterman   465-5775

Myron Davis                    465-5794