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IT Acronyms

AD Active Directory
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
ALMR Alaska Land Mobile Radio
ASD Administrative Services Director
AST Administrative Services Team
Botnet/Bot Remotely-controlled network of zombie computers
CIT Core Infrastructure Team
CJIS Criminal Justice Information System
CRM Customer Relations Management System
DBA Database Administrator
DDOS Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack
DOS Denial-of-Service Attack
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
DO Delivery Order
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EIB Enterprise Investment Board
  • Members:
    Chief of Staff, OOG
  • Director, OMB
  • IT Chair, ASDs
  • Director, ETS
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERT Enterprise Review Team
  • Members:
    Deputy Commissioner, DOA
  • IT Chair, ASDs
  • Chief Analyst, OMB
  • Director, ETS
ESO Electronic Service Order
ETS Enterprise Technology Services (Division of)
EV Enterprise Vault
FWG Functional Working Group
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
IPSec Internet Protocol Security
IPT Internet Protocol Telephony
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IT Information Technology
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITM Information Technology Manager
IV Infrastructure Virtualization Project
IVR Interactive Voice Response
LAN Local Area Network
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
MIIS Microsoft Identity Integration Server
MMIS Medicaid Management Information System
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
OMB Office of Management & Budget
PMO Project Management Office
PO Purchase Order
POP Point of Presence
ROI Return on Investment
SA Service Area (representative groupings for TMC membership, see TMC)
SAN Service Area Network
SATS State of Alaska Telecommunications Systems
SLA Service Level Agreement
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SOA Service Oriented Architecture NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH (see below)
SOA State of Alaska
SR Service Request (work tracking application)
SSL Secure Socket Layer
State Depts.
  • DOA -- Department of Administration
  • CED -- Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development
  • DOC -- Department of Corrections
  • EED -- Department of Education & Early Development
  • DEC -- Department of Environmental Conservation
  • DFG -- Department of Fish & Game
  • HHS -- Department of Health & Social Services
  • GOV -- Office of the Governor
  • DOL -- Department of Labor
  • LAW -- Department of Law
  • MVA -- Department of Military & Verterans' Affairs
  • DNR -- Department of Natural Resources
  • DPS -- Department of Public Safety
  • DOR -- Department of Revenue
  • DOT -- Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
TAG Technical Advisory Group
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TICP Tactical Interoperable Communications Plans
TMC Technology Management Council
  • Members:
    Director, ETS (Chair)
  • ITM Representative from Service Area General 1 (DOA, GOV, LAW)
  • ITM Representative from Service Area General 2 (DCCED, DEED, DOL, DOR)
  • ITM Representative from Service Area Public Protection (DOC, DMVA, DPS)
  • ITM Representative from Service Area Resources (DEC, DFG, DNR)
  • ITM for DHSS (based on department size)
  • ITM for DOTPF (based on department size)
TO Task Order
TSR Telecommunication Service Request
UC Unified Communications
UCS Unified Computing System
UPS Uninterruptible Power Source
USD Unicenter Service Desk (application)
VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
WAN Wide Area Network