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Archiving and Legal Discovery Project

In August 2007 the State of Alaska completed the migration of all executive branch departments to a single Exchange 2003 email and calendaring system.  In September of 2007 the Archiving & Legal Discovery Project was approved.  Symantec Enterprise Vault was selected as the State’s archiving solution and a contract for the purchase and installation of Enterprise Vault was signed on January 13, 2009.  On February 5th and 6th the State and Symantec contractors held a design workshop. 

The Symantec Enterprise Vault implementation will include servers located in Anchorage and Juneau.  The roll out to the new archive system will begin with a pilot in June and take several months to complete. 

In order to ensure that all of the system users are well informed about the new system we are planning two (2) on-line training courses; one to explain the new archiving rules and the other to instruct user on their role in migrating their existing archived messages.

In addition to the on-line training classes we will develop and distribute a quick reference guide and hold “town hall meetings” to allow users to ask questions.

Below is a summary of how the new system and policies will affect end users:

  • The Department of Law has determined that there will be two classes of users, Executives and Non-executives.  There will be very different rules for these two groups.  Personnel is working on how we draw the line between the two groups.
  • For executives all emails will be auto-archived after 1 year and retained permanently if not deleted prior.. 
  • For non-executives all emails will be auto-deleted after 90 days and retained for 1 year, unless they are archived by placing the emails in an archive folder.  All users will have archive folders for 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 year materials.  Some users will additionally have a permanent retention folder.
  • The project includes the migration of archived emails from the old system to the new system.  100% of the emails readable in the old system will be migrated into the new.
  • The old folder structure will need to be moved by the end users to the new folder structure once the user’s emails are migrated.
  • The end user migration will take place over a 100 day period.  Users will be informed the week prior to their migration. 


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Archiving and Legal Discovery Project Contact:

Joe Spears
Enterprise Technology Services
(907) 269-6734