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Backup & Recovery Services

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Data Protection

ETS offers centralized backup and restore services for distributed servers and desktops via Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). TSM servers and onsite data storage are located in the Juneau and Anchorage Data Centers and offsite copies of all the onsite data are also stored in other locations. All backups are stored and transported in a secure manner.

A TSM "agent" is loaded onto the customer's server or desktop and automated backups are run via a schedule service. The backup data is transported to the TSM server via the state WAN. Once installed and customized, schedule backups and archives are done without any customer or data center staff intervention. The number and retention of previous versions of backup files is fully configurable by the customer. Ad-hoc backups and archives can also be run on demand.

The customer can recover lost or damaged files at any time with no operator intervention required. Full recovery of a completely destroyed server or desktop is also possible with preplanning and setup.

The TSM backup system is suitable for some remote areas with low-bandwidth connections. It makes one full backup and from then on only makes incremental backups, integrating the changes into a database where it keeps track of the total image of the machine. This means the nightly backups are small and restores are always one-step.

TSM has agents for more than 35 different platforms and there are also agents for "hot" backups of most databases. TSM is a powerful tool that can provide you a total backup and archive solution to protect your valuable data.

Service Highlights

ETS Provides:

  • 7 X 24 X 365 Technical Support
  • Customer Configurable
  • Media management (tape refresh)
  • Redundant, offsite copy
  • Restore without operator intervention
  • Scheduled, reliable service
  • Secure storage
  • Standard client agent
  • Tape Backup over the WAN