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Domain Name Requests

The Process of Submitting A Domain Name Request:

To allow as rational a domain name/URL selection process as possible DNS requests for "" domain names are managed through the Internet Services Functional Work Group (IS-FWG). To provide for internal departmental management of these requests, the Department IT Manager or the IS-FWG representative will use the Domain Name (DNS) Request Form web form to submit requests.

Reference - DNS Policy Adopted May 2011

Prior to submitting the web form the DITM or IS-FWG will ensure that any departmental policies regarding DNS have been followed. The departmental representative to the IS-FWG is authorized to request a domain name for their agency. Once an Order/Change request has been submitted using the Service Desk Manager using the Request Area: "Network (WAN).Domain Name Registration" the process will start.

The request is evaluated to determine if it is a sub-domain of a standard departmental domain and has DITM approval. Such requests can then be implemented without involving the IS-FWG. All other requests are submitted to the IS-FWG for review.

The process allows for a 5 working day review period from the date you submit the request form. There are two possible outcomes:

  • No Objections - Request Approved: If there are no objections to the URL requested the request is approved and the URL added to the DNS table.
  • Objections are Raised: In the event that any member of the committee objects to the request, a discussion will ensue and a roll call vote conducted. There are 3 possible outcomes:

    1. ETS may deny the request if the name infringes on a existing or proposed web service.
    2. The request is denied based on the Enterprise applicability of the URL (e.g. "") and the requested URL is placed on the Reserved List and an Enterprise Index web page is developed onto which all agencies may place links germain to the topic.
    3. The request is denied as inappropriate for whatever reason and the agency asked to amend their requested URL.

Web Based Domain Name Request Form.
(This web form is only viewable inside the State of Alaska network. If you are trying to view this form from outside the State network you will need to use VPN.)

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