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Network Time Protocol (NTP)

ETS-hosted time servers are: (physically in Juneau) (physically in Anchorage)

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Service Description:

The Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) is an enterprise service under the ETS contract management service. To assist agencies in maintaining a reliable and available system of effective software updates, ETS has extended its WSUS architechure to be available on the same basis and in the same locations as the SOA enterprise directory. The purpose is to reduce bandwidth issues during "update Tuesday" and other significant patching events and to improve the effectiveness or success rate of the patching system. This is one of several efficiency projects targeted at improving the management of approximately 20% of bandwidth which periodically causes saturation due to software delivery design issues.

Service Objectives:
  • Bandwidth conservation through a centralized WSUS infrastructure.
  • Improve the success rate of software patching.
Getting Updates from SOA WSUS:
  1. Instructions for Agencies with and without their own WSUS servers are provided below. 
  2. Follow appropriate instructions for your agency.
  3. If you need further assistance, open a SDM request at
  4. Assign the SDM to group: adm.ets.infr
  5. ETS Hosting Services will contact you once they receive the SDM ticket.
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