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Self-Subscription Mailing List Information

The State of Alaska has a List server - LIST.STATE.AK.US operated by ETS.  Any agency can request mailing list creation.  ETS will create and maintain mailing lists other than adding and deleting members.

Mailing list membership is intended to be self-managed using web forms to Join or Leave lists.


  • Name of contact person(s), usually requester, and their email address(es)
  • Agency requesting
  • Name of the list (name may not contain hyphens, slashes or spaces)
  • Short description of the list


Lists have the following default characteristics:

  • Anyone may join the list
  • Only members of the list can post to the list
  • Postings will be archived and anonymously accessible using a web browser
  • A footer containing the subscribed address and the Join/Live web link will be added to posted messages
  • Message size is restricted to 4 megabytes
  • The list name will be inserted into the Subject of posted messages.


Optional features include:

  • Lists can be moderated (postings must be approved by a third party, then THEY post the message to the list)
  • Join requests can be moderated (approved by third party)
  • Lists can accept posts only from specific people (for announcements rather than discussions)
  • Message size can be further restricted


To request a new list or additional information, state administrators may open a SDM request or contact the listserver postmaster