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myAlaska Version 3 Project

On October 12, 2011 myAlaska v.3 was moved into production. Both myAlaska v.2 applications and v.3 applications will be supported by the new myAlaska pages. The deployment of new applications will only be supported in myAlaska v.3. myAlaska v.2 will continue to be supported for at least one (1) year.

While the move into production represents a project milestone there are still important components that will be completed as part of the myAlaska v.3 project. These include:

  • Access to an administrative interface for applications that use myAlaska and help desk personnel.
  • The development of a myAlaska v.3 compatible DMV validation application.
  • The development of an e-signature application that will use myAlaska authentication and SOA authentication.

For state agencies, myAlaska services will be easier to integrate into their applications through the use of a federated services model. An administrative interface will allow agencies to control the configuration of their myAlaska enabled applications. The separation of identity validation from the myAlaska authentication process will give state agencies control of their business processes. Improvements to the centrally managed electronic signature option will improve the ease of use for end users.

Enterprise Technology Services maintains and develops the myAlaska service. ETS' proactive focus on security will continue to make myAlaska a secure place for the public to conduct business with state agencies. As well, a more streamlined approach to myAlaska will result in ETS' ability to more effectively manage the service with fewer resources.

The myAlaska v3 Project was initiated by both Agency and ETS staff to remedy design issues with v2, ensure myAlaska is more manageable by both agency & ETS staff, and to bring myAlaska into greater compliance with agency regulatory processes.

After a project review in the fall of 2010 a revised project scope and approach was created and approved. The revised approach received approval for the following project changes:

  1. A strategy of developing v.3 with backwards compatibility with v.2 applications was replaced with a strategy of v.2 and v.3 coexistence.
  2. myAlaska will no longer store user validations.  Validations will be stored by applications.  The DMV validation process will be developed as a separate application.

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