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GCI Wireless Welcome Guide

State of Alaska 2010

Welcome to GCI!

Migration of Wireless Service What to Expect

  • Your phone number will remain the same.
  • GCI will submit a request to the existing carrier to have your number switched to GCI’s network.
  • Your new GCI phone should start working within a few hours from the time the request is submitted. In some cases, this process can take up to 72-96 hours. During this time you will continue to use your existing phone.
  • Once your number is switched to GCI, your existing phone will stop working and your GCI phone will start working.
  • It is recommended that you carry both your existing and your new GCI phone until the switch is complete.
  • If your experience is different than what is described above, please contact the State of Alaska Help Desk (refer to the Wireless Service Support section of this guide for contact information).

All requests for new cellular service or changes to existing service must be processed via the USD system.