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GCI Wireless Welcome Guide

State of Alaska 2010

Welcome to GCI!

Voicemail Setup

  • Press and hold the number “1” on your GCI phone or dial 444-0068.
  • You will be prompted to enter your temporary pass code; which is the last 5
    digits of your cell phone number.
    -Example: your number is 907-555-1234, your pass code is 51234
  • You will be prompted to create a new pass code of your choosing, between 5
    and 15 digits.
  • Next you will select the style of voice greeting. Follow the prompts to record
    your name and personalized greeting message (if you choose not to use the
    default message).

Here is how you listen to your Voicemail messages:

  • Press 1 - listen to new voicemail messages
  • After listening to the message(s) press:
  • 1 = to replay message
  • 5 = date and time stamp of the message
  • 7 = delete message
  • 9 = save message
  • # = skip to next message

All requests for new cellular service or changes to existing service must be processed via the USD system.