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Mobile Devices

The mobile devices listed here are available through the GCI or WSCA contracts with the State of Alaska.

Products and Pricing

Contract Award Document

Each department has internal policies and procedures pertaining to who may acquire these devices and which devices are supported by their department (i.e. if an item is listed on this page it does not necessarily mean that your department allows the purchase of and\or will support the use of the device). You should check with your Department's IT and Procurement section for information regarding approved devices for use.

To order any of these items your Department will need to submit a Telephone Service Request (TSR). Contact your procurement section to find out who processes TSR's for your Department.

Lost or Stolen devices. In the event that you have your blackberry device lost or stolen please contact the ETS Helpcenter 888-565-8680, option #4. immediately (prior to contacting your service provider) so they can issue the Erase Data and Disable Handheld command to the device. For all other devices (and blackberry devices after you have contacted ETS) you should contact the person in your department who handles telephone requests to contact the service provider and also inform your property control section so they can file a Lost Stolen or Damaged report.

An iPad is a handheld device made by Apple and is available through the WSCA contract. The iPad uses Active Sync to provide wireless access to your State Exchange email, calendar, web and organizer features.